The James Altucher Show

Ep 100: Secrets of the Millionaire's Mind - T. Harv Eker


We all have what Eker calls your "money blueprint." You've been taught to think the thoughts you think. If you were taught bad habits, then you may be programmed to continue to follow with bad habits throughout your life. And when you realize this, you can make a profound change in your life. From a very early age, Eker wanted nothing more than to become a millionaire. He tried so many different businesses to try to get there. Every one of them failed. What he eventually realized was that he had to focus on what he loved. He borrowed $2,000 on his credit card and started one of the first retail fitness stores. His vision wasn't one store; it was a chain of stores.                 "Create a model, systemize it, and then duplicate it." He finally found success and sold this business to a much larger company. But as fate often has it, the skill set that he had to grow the business was not the same skill set he needed to manage his millions. He realized he still needed to grow. There was something missing. So the research began and it all begins with awareness. Listen today to a great story of someone who realized that he had to "reprogram" his mind and how you can do the same. Plus, Eker is giving away his Life makeover system for free to James' listeners. Go to www. Registerlms. com. P. S. Hi, James here... My new book is finally out! It's taken me a year to put together all the skills I think are needed to create abundance in this new economy. I hope you write me with feedback and questions. I have more books coming. Here's what the initial reviews on this book have said: "James Altucher did it again. I just finished and have to say it was a great read. Great insight into the future of wealth." "I couldn't wait for this book to come out. It was well worth the wait! Very short and jam-packed with good ideas and advice for the budding entrepreneur. A must read!" "This is the road map out. Very specific ideas to get you unstuck and to thrive in the 21st century. If you follow the ideas in this book your will receive 1000% or more in return on your investment." I'm really grateful for the response I've received so quickly. I feel we are quickly building a strong community of people who are deciding to "choose themselves."   If you want to get it exclusively in hardcover, plus several other special reports and a subscription to my brand-new newsletter, which is essentially like the equivalent of two additional chapters every month, claim your copy here