The James Altucher Show

Ep 106: Self-Sabotage Done Right by Jon Acuff


Jon Acuff, the author of five books, writes from the trenches. Today he talks with James about a few of the self-sabotage practices he used to follow. Jon also talks about the fear he had of creating an email list, instead using Twitter to make believe he was communicating with his readers, and his fear of self-promoting his books while not wanting to be one of those "extreme self-promoters." Jon wrote his first book while working at AutoTrader. com, doing interviews from his car during lunch and giving talks on weekends when he could slip away. He'd get up early before work to write his blog, and he'd read everything he could find about becoming a better writer. James and Jon also talk about the negative feedback you will get when you put yourself out there, and that no one is really trying to eat you (you'll have to listen here to understand). Jon spent a few years working with Dave Ramsey and his organization, and wrote his best seller, Do Over,after he left. He knew he needed to find his dream job and that it was the right thing to do, but it was also an extremely difficult decision. For six months before and after, sleep was fleeting. Bravery is often very difficult... Taking a dive into what it means to Do Over your life, Jon says, "You have the power to give yourself a fresh start." This is one of my favorite interviews. I didn't know Jon's work prior to the interview, but I'm now a huge fan. Listen and let us know if you agree. Regards, David Newman Senior Producer of Stansberry Radio   P. S. As you can tell, James is fiercely committed to helping people lead happier, wealthier, and more fulfilling lives.   That's why he's working on a new project – one that introduces you to life-changing ideas, secrets, and techniques you have never heard of before. It's the perfect guidebook for succeeding in a rapidly changing America. Read on here to learn more.