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Ep 110 Freakonomics - When to Rob a Bank


I'm a freak. I'm a freak for a lot of things: comic books, podcasts, my wife. But none of that matters today (sorry Claudia). I had the pleasure, no, the honor, of interviewing my good friend Stephen Dubner today. This is like being the best man at his wedding. It's a big day for Stephen. Today, he's releasing his new book, When to Rob a Bank. What a great title, right? In today's podcast, Stephen and I take some of our offline debates online. We debate everything from who is most likely to try to kill you (hint: it's not strangers), to why the New York Times moderates comments – which according to Steven Levitt, coauthor of When to Rob a Bank, is because "there are too many people out there who don't know how to think about the world." If you haven't read Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics, and the whole lot of Stephen Dubner's books, then I highly recommend you do. But first, read his new book. This book is made up of the 132 best stories, thoughts, and discoveries from Stephen's 85,000 blog posts over the past decade. In This Episode You Will Learn: •How to get to know your blog community •How to pick a title •The criteria of a good blog post and choosing a topic Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show:   •Stephen Dubner's New York Times bestselling book Freakonomics •Stephen Dubner's New York Times bestselling book  SuperFreakonomics •Stephen Dubner's blog Also checkout: • My first interview with Stephen  •My blog on "The 5 Reasons Freakonomics Was a Bestseller" Thanks so much for listening!   If you enjoyed this episode of The James Altucher Show, please leave a review or a rating on ITunes. I read every review and it helps to make the podcast better.