The James Altucher Show

EP 123: Tom Rath - What Can You Do Better Than Anyone Else?


Tom Rath knows the secret to happiness. On today's show, I talk with him about his new book, Are You Fully Charged?, and with it, he offers key insights into finding the happiness and passion you need to feel fulfilled in your work and in your daily life. With over 5 million copies of his books sold worldwide, Tom knows what inspires you and what hinders you. He also knows what you can do to overcome your own personal weaknesses to build a better and stronger business within yourself. I had some specific questions to discuss with him during this show, and his practical answers and optimistic perspective will definitely kick start your quest for meaning in your life. When it comes to finding meaning, the best place to start is a book. "I read a lot of books out there, especially in the business field," Tom says. He recommends taking the information you find in books and applying it to your day-to-day business in order to stay grounded in the goals that matter. By breaking down your goals into daily, achievable objectives rather than wide-ranging, extensive ideas, you are more likely to succeed and to learn more regarding your success. And when you take charge of your own learning in this way, you take charge of your own motivation, which is the most powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to achieving happiness. Ultimately, Tom wants us to start living every day like we have to do something that will leave an impression long after we're gone. In order to do this, we have to continue to seek new ways to be motivated. Motivation and happiness go hand in hand, and that's Tom's secret. He shares more on his secret to happiness with me today, including: •How to seek out ways to inspire fellow business partners, friends, and family •How to seek out groups and peers that will continue to motivate you •How to find a healthy balance between luck and talent that leads to success •How to cover and hone your natural talents, whatever they may be The last point is the topic we spend the most time discussing. If you are worried that you have no unique talents, squash that fear immediately. "There is something you can do better than anyone else in the world," Tom states, and if you focus on grooming that talent, even in your spare time, you will find yourself much happier. Tom Rath's points from his new book, Are You Fully Charged?, will help you recognize these talents and motivation in yourself, which in turn will help you find meaning in your work and in your life. Links and Resources Tom Rath. org Tom’s books Bounce by Mathew Syed . P. S. NOT SURE WHAT TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?   A great new resource shows a clever way to start a business, get a new job, find a retirement career, publish a book, make extra money in your spare time, and more.