The James Altucher Show

Ep. 21 College is a Scam


We are doing something a little different this week. There isn't a guest, but there will be a heated debate between James and Aaron. It's a sensitive topic for many individuals, so get ready...Kids that are graduating high school right now are beginning to apply for college. Unfortunately, they could be making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. Hundreds of dollars of student debt, little to no job opportunities – these are the realities of today's college graduate. James takes some of the most popular arguments for why kids should go to college and turns them on their head. It's the American religion that kids should go to college... but is it necessary? What are the reasons for going to college? Is it to network and meet people? Couldn't you do the same by taking a year off and traveling? Not only would you get to see the world, meet people from all walks of life, but you would be gaining knowledge and experiences that could NEVER be taught in a classroom. Will you make more money if you go to college? Do you want to be a writer? Why not write a book for free and self-publish? There are many ways around almost every gate-keeper out there... Why not get a head start on your fellow "classmates" and skip the debt process? Sure you learn certain things in college, but the real question is, "what are you NOT learning?"...Whether you are a student or the parent of a student, listening to this episode is a must...And even if you are neither, these children are the future of the country and they will affect the direction this country goes. It's a fantastic show that will certainly have you rethinking your goals in life.