The James Altucher Show

Ep. 26 The Power of No


Today's show is a little different. Aaron is out so James asked his wife, Claudia, to join as his co-host to talk about their new book, The Power of No. How many times have you heard yourself saying "yes" to the wrong things – overwhelming requests, bad relationships, time-consuming obligations? How often have you wished you could summon the power to turn them down? James and Claudia talk about how this book is a practical guide that helps you take back that power – and shows that a well-placed "no" can not only save you time and trouble... it can save your life. Drawing on their own stories as well as feedback from their readers and students, James and Claudia clearly show that you have the right to say no to:•    Anything that is hurting you•    Standards that no longer serve you•    People who drain you of your creativity and expression•    Beliefs that are not true to the real you"It's one thing to say no," the authors explain, "it's another thing to have the 'Power of No.' When you do, you will have a stronger sense of what is good for you and the people around you, and you will have a deeper understanding of who you are. And, ultimately, you'll be free to say a truly powerful 'Yes' in your life – one that opens the door to opportunities, abundance, and love." This is like a chance to sit down with the authors and get the inside scoop. If you Pre-order NOW, before July 15, 2014, you can get THREE FREE GIFTS1.    Bonus Audio Chapter: "The Opportunity Cost of NO"2.    Bonus Audio Chapter: "What to Do When Someone Says NO – To YOU"3.    Free PDF Copy of The Choose Yourself StoriesClick here to get the details on how you can pre-order. We hope you use The Power of No and the bonus materials to live your best "Yes!" life. Enjoy!