The James Altucher Show

Ep. 34 James Altucher's Life Story


Each week, we get to hear little snippets of James Altucher's life, but we never get the full story. Today that changes. Today, Claudia turns the tables on James and interviews HIM. If you know James, you have heard him say that he has lost and made millions back and at times mention that he felt as if he was going to die. So Claudia jumps right into the questions that so many of us want to know more about. "Why were you going to die?" "People lose money every day... how many millions did you lose?" "How did you lose it? How did you make it back again?" James reveals all the mistakes that led to his darkest moments... times where he thought he would never see the light again. Divorced, no job, completely broke, millions have been lost. When you feel that your children would be better off with your life-insurance policy instead of you... how do you come back from something like that? And... James reveals a HUGE secret that nobody else knows... not even Claudia. He has always been open and honest with his listeners and followers of his blog, twitter, and Facebook. But today EVERYTHING is revealed... absolutely nothing is off the table. He was able to completely turn his life around... something that most individuals in the same type of situations would not be fortunate enough to do. His success, triumph, and passion are truly admirable and could be inspiration to use toward your own life. It is the ultimate "choose yourself" episode... Enjoy.