The James Altucher Show

Ep. 35 Biz Markie: The Best and Worst Interview You'll Ever Hear


James says it's his worst interview ever and that he has never felt more awkward or embarrassed. We think it could be one of the best yet!We decided to play off of the awkwardness and embarrassing moments in the interview and bring to you something we know you haven't heard anywhere else. Enter, Biz Markie, hip-hop legend and James' hero. If you are familiar with the hit song "Just a Friend" then you already know at least one of his many hits. From making it as one of the top names in hip-hop to "choosing himself" and losing 150 pounds... Biz shares it all!Most of people don't know about the many careers that Biz Markie has been able to master. He has gone from rapping to DJ-ing to acting to managing a business. But what is really remarkable about him is his attitude... doing what he loves and not worrying about making millions. Money should just be a side effect of doing what you are truly passionate about. For Biz, that is his many business ventures... He chose himself by having multiple sources of income to support all of his interests. This interview gives listeners insight into his whole career inside and out. Was he a one-hit guy? Did he resent other rappers that went on to make millions later on? How did he reinvent himself to succeed in other careers? How hard do you actually have to work and how many years of practice does it take? If you ever wondered how the hip-hop industry works, and what it takes to make it in a highly competitive field, then this is the show for you. With all of his success and opportunities that he has had over the years, James asks Biz if he has any regrets. His answer is truly one to admire and one that a lot of individuals would not be able to say.