The James Altucher Show

Ep. 37 Wendy Simmons: What's Really Going On in North Korea?


The stories and headlines that we hear and see about North Korea could be enough to keep anyone from traveling to the country. Or even the simple fact that Americans are generally NOT welcomed would be a clear warning to never travel there. But for our guest this week, that only enticed her more. This week, Wendy Simmons, professional photographer and worldwide traveler of over 85 countries, joins The James Altucher Show to share what is really going on in North Korea. From the moment she entered the country to the day she left, she was assigned a handler to escort her every move. With a "military-first" policy and the basic idea that nobody has free will... It's hard to believe that anybody would venture willingly into such a country. Here you will hear Wendy's first-hand experiences and the truth of what she has encountered. Forget most of what you think you know... because in this interview, everything about the world's most militarized society is revealed in a new light.