The James Altucher Show

Ep. 39 Dexter and The Sopranos - Enough Said


Have you ever wondered who the brilliant minds are behind some of the biggest hits in the entertainment industry? Well, today we have a special treat for you...Today one of the masterminds behind several hit series including, "The Sopranos," "The Shield," and "Dexter," James Manos, joins The James Altucher Show. For the most part we can all say that we have enjoyed the "happily ever after" stories... But something has happened to the American culture that has altered the way we view entertainment. One event that has caused such a fluctuation to our culture according to James Manos was 9/11. You'll hear how reality has made a huge impact on the creativity behind the entertainment industry. HBO is known to have some of the best series... how do they acquire these "big hits"?Here, the truth behind one of America's favorite cable networks is revealed...Plus, if you have ever wanted to know how some of these successful writers were able to create such amazing careers? Well... look no further. James shares how all of his previous careers and experiences have molded him into a unique success.