The James Altucher Show

Ep. 40 Hardcore Pawn


If you are familiar with TruTV and their hit show Hardcore Pawn, then you already know todays guest. Seth Gold, a fourth generation pawnbroker joins The James Altucher Show to share his insight into the pawn business. Have you ever walked into a pawn shop? If you have, you probably didn't think of the establishment as a bank. But that is exactly what they are. They are banks for people that don't have bank accounts and Seth breaks down why the business is so lucrative. Could this be the industry for you to start a business in? Here you get the real story behind one of the most successful businesses out there. Today Seth demonstrates the art of negotiating in a way that you won't hear anywhere else. Starting at the very bottom and going on to be named the 2013 National Pawnbrokers Association Pawnbroker of the Year, you get to hear the real success story straight from the source. Seth is living proof that if you do what you love, and put in the time and effort, success will follow.