The James Altucher Show

Ep. 41 Marina Franklin: The Secret No Comedian Will Ever Admit


Our guest this week has been featured on shows like NBC's Last Comic Standing and The Jay Leno Show. She has also worked with comedians like Amy Schumer, Keith Robinson, and Jim Norton. One of the hottest performers in the comedy scene, Marina Franklin, joins The James Altucher Show to talk about her successes, struggles, and life lessons. In more ways than one, comedy is all about timing...From her early childhood, to the start of her comedy career, to her dating life, you get to hear the real story behind Marina Franklin. You'll hear how she started out in acting, but quickly realized that her true passion was for comedy. Find out what drove her to pursue it to the fullest. Like many other professions, failure is something that most comedians face. How do you come back from failure? How do you move on and figure out your future? Today, Marina shares her personal struggle with failure and how she was able to overcome the "moments" and move on to a successful future. Her story is proof that we should never be afraid to fail because some of the most important parts of life tend to not be about the triumph, but rather the struggle. Sometimes it takes conflict to reveal the real opportunities in situations. If you want to hear more from Marina, you can check out her podcast, Friends Like Us. And don't forget – Follow Marina @marinayfranklin