The James Altucher Show

Ep. 44 Jason SurfrApp - $1 Million Selling My Identity


Jason SurfrApp (formerly Jason Headsetsdotcom & Jason Sadler) is as unconventional a marketer and entrepreneur as you'll find anywhere. He's an idea machine who knows how to execute his ideas. He created IWearYourShirt, a company that used sponsored t-shirts to promote businesses on social media, and in 2012 and 2013, he auctioned off his last name to the highest bidders.  James and Jason dive into what it takes to really build a buzz, and talk about whether traditional PR companies are worth the money they charge. Jason has found a better way... He just asks. That may seem easy, but it's really a huge amount of work to do it right. Do you have a "trust circle"? James and Jason talk about how important it is to have one. Frustrated by the confusing landscape of book publishers and book agents, Jason chose himself by self-publishing and raising over $75,000 through sponsorships in his book Creativity For Sale before a single word was written or a single copy of the book sold.