The James Altucher Show

Ep. 57 How to Make the Most Out of LinkedIn


In the Choose Yourself era, there's no better resource than LinkedIn for connecting to new people and searching for fresh starts.   This episode of the James Altucher Show features Daniel Roth, the Executive Editor at LinkedIn. Daniel has been called the "most powerful business journalist on the Internet" by Business Insider.   Daniel and his team recently launched the Influencer program. He wanted to create a platform for original and curated content from 500 of the world's top thought leaders. They wisely reached out to James to become one of their hand-picked writers.   You'll hear James and Daniel discuss the inner workings of writing a great post. They talk about why you should consider writing posts on LinkedIn versus your own blog. They make a very compelling case that you'll want to hear.     If you're currently in search of a new career or are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, start by listening to this podcast.