The James Altucher Show

Ep. 59 Brian Koppelman Ruined My Life


James and Brian, although having never met before, instantly bond. They both, albeit at different times, played poker at the legendary Mayfair Club and relive some of those great stories.   As Brian says, "You'd leave early in the morning either with a gangsters roll in your pocket or knowing you'd just lost… but somehow as you'd walk out, four, four-thirty, five in the morning and get into a gypsy cab... something just felt right in the world..."   The Mayfair Club was Brian and his writing partner David Levien's inspiration for the hit movie Rounders starring Matt Damon.   Brian attributes a lot of his success to his ADHD. He's able to laser focus in things that fascinate him. When he came across the singer-songwriter Tracey Chapman, he was hooked. She had something very special and he "knew it." But "knowing it" and getting her to believe he knew it and that he could help her took years of hard work. She originally said no a hundred times in a row.   You’ve got to listen to Brian's story about Phillip Roth and the elevator... It's a classic.   They dive deep into the question of how can you turn off that voice inside you that tells you that you suck.   Put some kind of practice into your life; walk, exercise, meditate, whatever… as long as it works for you, do it.   This is a great interview… one of James' all-time best.