The James Altucher Show

Ep 61 Overnight Success - 7 Years in the Making


One of Forbes recent 30 under 30 Trip Adler is a real life success story.   Growing up in Palo Alto and graduating with a biophysics degree from Harvard, it seemed a given that he'd create a successful startup.   But locking in on the right idea wasn't easy. He contemplated a ride-share service, a social-media site, and as luck often has it, the best idea came out of solving a family problem. He tells James his startup story.   In full disclosure, James is a small investor in Scribd, and as such, asks Trip if it would be OK if he pushes him a bit.   In true Trip fashion, he answers "Sure, it sounds like fun."   Listening to this interview, you'll hear the success story of a young startup company run by someone who admittedly doesn't have all the easy answers.   The early years were challenging. Hiring the right team, instilling the right culture, and focusing in on the right strategy have been crucial keys to Scribd's success.     Trip tells James, "The main reason why companies fail is because they give up." As you'll hear in this interview, Trip will never give up.