The James Altucher Show

Ep. 63 Hall of Fame Quarterback on the Life of Business


The world as we've known it is changing. The days of spending your entire career at one company are long gone.   Government regulations have made it onerous to manage a large workforce today.   Employing people has gotten a lot more complicated and many mid-sized companies just can't keep up.   Sure we can complain, but it's often smarter to look for a good solution. Dan tells James that you can't focus on the negatives in life. You have to constantly look for positive solutions.   Like football, building a billion dollar business takes a team.   John Messina is CEO and Mike Golde is CFO of CRRS... one of the largest staffing, recruiting, and consulting firms. Today, they talk about how companies like theirs can help a community... they're involved in charities and help raise money for many communities.   The new economy is upon us. Make sure you're ready.