The James Altucher Show

EP 65: Dan Ariely - Dishonesty, Irrationality, and Money


Emotions evoke an action, often an irrational one.    Irrationality is not all bad. Dan examines some of the positive effects irrationality has on our lives and offers a new look on the irrational decisions that influence our personal lives and our workplace experiences.   In this interview, Dan gives James some great examples.   Money is a relatively new invention. What's the real value of anything? Money is all about opportunity costs. You buy one thing, you give up the opportunity to spend that money on something else.   Why will you spend more money for the exact same thing if a great story is attached to it?   Dan describes what really drives us. We're driven not by reason but by reaction. Social proof is a herding invention.      This is a fantastic interview with a brilliant thinker. Listen here to the stories Dan tells. They'll change the way we see our actions, others, and ourselves.