The James Altucher Show

Ep. 70 Alex Blumberg - Startup, More Art Than Science


Podcasting's future is here and this time it's for real.   We've been podcasting for years now and we've grown a very successful business doing it, but we did it behind the scenes.   Alex Blumberg thought, why not invite the audience in and let them follow him build a podcasting company. He was never sure that idea would work and spent hours and hours editing the first few episodes before launch.   He took the leap of faith, the stars aligned, and Startup – Alex's first podcast – has become a huge success.    There's real value in running a podcast network. Alex raised $1. 5 million to start Gimlet Media, his network of high-quality narrative podcasts, and just launched his second podcast, Reply All.   Alex and James talk today about the difference between running a for-profit vs. a non-profit company. What are you willing to give up for money; equity, lifestyle, family life? This is a tough question for every new entrepreneur to answer and Alex is still trying to figure it all out.   So far he's off to a great start.