The James Altucher Show

Ep 74: It's Not News - It's Fark


15 years young, Fark. com is still alive and growing.   With 45 million monthly downloads and 3 million unique visitors per month, it has an extremely loyal fan base.   Drew Curtis, the founder of Fark, has chosen a different path from most web startups. He shuns most advertising and is not interested in selling Fark and cashing out.   He just loves his lifestyle.   Journalists have gotten lazy with the advent of social media. ""Hey look what so and so said on Twitter' has got to be the laziest form of journalism ever," he says.   BuzzFeed, UpWorthy, Daily Beast, and Slate    and sites like them have news-jacked the media, Fark is different. They like to put a comedic spin on the headlines.   Here are a couple of Fark headlines vying for headline of the year:   •300 gallons of orange juice leaks into swamp after truck accident. Yeah, that's one screwed driver   •Obama launches air strike on Iraq, cementing his record as Nobel Peace Prize winner with the most confirmed kills   •Fight between family members at a golf course leaves a hole in one   •Here are Rolling Stone's five most dangerous guns in America. I'm betting they list Kurt Cobain's shotgun as #1, because they always have to have Nirvana at the top of their lists   •Jim Brady dies at age 73, will be buried after a five-day waiting period   Now, Drew has a new idea for a company that destroys patent trolls.   Plus, James asks Drew for his top five business tips.     Listen here as Drew tells all.