The James Altucher Show

Ep 76: How Are You Different? How Does the World See You?


How do people perceive you? Sally Hogshead, CEO of Fascinate, Inc. discovered a new way to measure how people perceive your communication. "You're either adding value or your taking up space." Sally tells James, that if you're nervous or uncomfortable in a conversation then you'll make your listener feel nervous and uncomfortable. When you feel relaxed and confident than your listener is more likely to feel confident in you. Find out what's really authentic about you and let that part of you stand out. How are you different than everyone else? Sally doesn't recommend trying to change who you are. Instead, you should become more of who you are. Sally explains to James her – 7 ADVANTAGES OF FASCINATION •Innovation •Passion •Power •Prestige •Trust •Mystique •Alert   And tells him where he falls within these triggers. Think about those times when you've had great success. What was similar about them and how can you use it to you advantage. To get a free assessment Sally has set up a special page for all our linters. Just go here and type in the promo code: James. Sally can help you unlearn how to boring.   It's a fascinating conversation.