The James Altucher Show

EP 79 Dick Yuengling - President of America's Oldest Brewery


Pennsylvania brewer Dick Yuengling, president of D. G. Yuengling & Son, has seen a lot of change since its founding in 1829. One of the most amazing things is that after five generations, it's still family-owned and two of his daughters are being groomed to take it over. Dick has always wanted to be involved in the brewery business and from an early age had the desire to modernize it. He left the company in 1973 because he couldn't get his father to modernize operations. He returned in 1984 as the company was beginning to rebound and took over the next year. He's rewritten the family storyline from one of surviving to one of thriving. James asks Dick how the company could survive for so long. The brewery survived prohibition by opening an ice cream manufacturing company that survives today. Dick says you branch out and do what you have to do to survive.   Listening to Dick, you'll soon realize why he's been so successful. He knows who he is, where he wants to take the company, and most importantly, what the company isn't