The James Altucher Show

Ep 83 Simon Rich - Man Crush


James has a man crush and he admits it on today's podcast. Simon Rich again joins James today for a very special episode. Simon's new TV show, Man Seeking Woman, debuted last night on FXX. Man Seeking Woman follows Josh Greenberg (a stand-in of sorts for Rich himself, played by the excellent Jay Baruchel) as he navigates a fantastical nightmare world of millennial dating. When Simon was last on James show, (episode 52) they talked about an inside look at his writing technique and routines... his very own daily practice. There is an art to Simon's writing and you can feel his passion while listening to him talk about his work. On today's show they dive deep into his new TV sitcom, what a day is like creating a TV show, his biggest fears, and how he finds his inspiration. James asks Simon how you can get found. Simon says, just make something great. Don't try to write it to get a TV job, just make it great. Whether it's a 10-minute standup comedy routine or a short play you perform with your friends. Whatever it is, get it up on YouTube... No matter what happens, whether the show is picked up for another season or not, and of course Simon says he hopes it is. "It's been the best year of my life." He has a huge list of other projects he is currently working on.   Listen in today. You'll be glad you did.