The James Altucher Show

Ep 86 Seth Godin, It's Your Turn, Now What?


Seth tells James that he had to write his new book What To Do When It's Your Turn because he had no choice. It's about what's holding you back, that voice in your head that pushes you to be mediocre or pushes you to hide. "It pushes us to dig deep inside so we can do better work and impact the things we care about." They talk about the industrial age and how it changed everything. "We invented public school to train children to sit still long enough to work in a factory." But now that we're in the postindustrial age, it's all leftover and everything has changed. They talk about why it's so important get out of your comfort zone. Seth tells James about when he realized that he was hiding from the big projects. How he was just playing it safe. Through a fortunate meeting, he realized that by speaking his truth, standing for something instead of just trying to fit in, is what gets you noticed. They transition into a great discussion about writing every day. Constantly putting yourself out there is critically important. Dance with your fear.   And read more books.