The James Altucher Show

Ep 88 Lewis Howes's School of Greatness


James was recently in New York and caught up with his good friend and fellow podcaster Lewis Howes They decided to drop into the studio and record a podcast for The James Altucher Show and another for Lewis's podcast, The School of Greatness, one of James' favorite shows. Lewis' bio is simply amazing and way too long to rewrite here, but if you want to grow your business, improve your personal life, and live the live you've always dreamt of, then click here to learn how.  They jump right in and catch up since Lewis was last on The James Altucher Show (Episode 5). Lewis plays handball for the U. S. National Team Handball. You'll hear James laugh as Lewis explains this style of handball. It's like the combination of every other sport. They begin the podcast there. Lewis decided he wanted to make the U. S. National Team and, as you'll hear, he did whatever it took to get selected. James tells Lewis he's going to steal everything from all his best podcasts. They start with Lewis podcast with Yuri Elkaim and the benefits and hacks to a great night's sleep. Here's a hint... Buy a snake plant.  Next up was Lewis' amazing interview with Jim Kwik on how to master your memory.  Lewis then offers up his "common lessons of greatness"...  1.    A clear vision.  2.    Learning how to master and overcome adversity and turning adversity into an advantage.  3.    Surround yourself with really positive people. 4.    Giving yourself time to be in your messy place and being OK with it.  5.    Getting clear on what you want next and having a support team and a coach to help you get there.  6.    "Feeling the need to be heard when things are not going your way can go a long way."  They transition into the business of podcasting. Lewis just celebrated two years and he and James talk about why you just have to be there right now. If you're not already there or you're not a big name, then you may be too late to the game.  And Lewis lets us all in on a project he's getting ready to launch.  It's a pleasure to listen to two very successful, good friends share so many secrets.