The James Altucher Show

Ep 90 Jack Canfield - Success in the Face of Obstacles


Chicken Soup for the Soul, his first book, consisted of inspirational, true stories about ordinary people's lives. As a high school teacher in an inner-city school, Jack Canfield was looking for a way to motivate his students. Asking them what they wanted to be and how they could get there seemed to resonate. He helped them set goals; understand the importance of taking action, how to visualize their dreams, and how not to be afraid of rejection. Life's not fair, it's just life... "Most people to get through life before death happens." These techniques, combined with his ability to tell a great story, eventually became the Chicken Soup Series. After a tough divorce, Jack had to completely rebuild himself and his career. From that low point came his new book series, The Success Principles. They talk about mentors, mastermind groups, fear, and The Rule of Five. As Jack tells James... Just never forget to follow your joy.   You'll love the stories.