The James Altucher Show

Ep 93 Bold A Story of Progress and Hope


Peter Diamandis, CEO of the XPRIZE and co-chairman of Planetary Resources and Steven Kotler, the cofounder and director of research for the Flow Genome Project aswell as being author of "The Rise of Superman," a New York Times bestseller, and previous guest on The James Altucher Show, came together to co-write Bold, about building companies using exponentially growing technologies like 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and synthetic engineering. They join James today to talk about the prevalent doom-and-gloom media that saturates us with negative news over and over again. Peter says he believes that people need an alternative and hear the good news. They go through the six D's outlined in the book: Digitalization, Disruption, Deception, Demonetization, Dematerialization, and Democratization Peter says, "Bold was written as the roadmap for entrepreneurs to get us to this abundant future with the realization that the world's biggest problems are the biggest business opportunities."   It's a great story...