The Thinking Poker Podcast

Episode 25: Ed Miller


Poker author Ed Miller, the brains behind March book club selection Playing the Player among other great titles, gives generously of his time for both a regular interview and a thorough discussion of his book. We talk about the unconventional beginning to his poker career, co-authoring a book with David Sklansky, and veganism in Las Vegas. Book Club The book is just a starting point! Ed responds to listener questions and Andrew and Nate’s critiques with some of the best strategy discussion the show has seen to date. Topics include multi-way pots, re-exploiting players trying to exploit you, concealing information from tough opponents, categorizing opponents, and much more! Even if you haven’t read the book, you want to hear this in-depth strategy discussion. Ed is @EdMillerPoker on Twitter. His self-published books, plus a lot of free strategy content, information about coaching, etc., are available from his website. Timestamps 0:46 Hello and welcome 11:00 Ed Miller, life and times 43:26 Strategy/Book Club with Ed Miller!